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New Lessee Information - Please Read


Emergencies:  Should you have an emergency so severe that it cannot wait until the next business day, i. e. a major pipe break, flooded basement, fire, or absence of heat during an extended abnormally cold period, please call the main office number and you will be directed what to do.  Lockouts during non-business hours for any reason other than the lock having broken are not emergencies.  If an H. A. Gill & Son staff member can assist you by getting an extra key to you, there will be a minimum $50 service charge – payable in return for the key.  We have lives, too!


Rent Payments:  Rent is due on the first of the month unless otherwise noted on your lease.  If your rent is not received in this office by the 5th of a given month you will automatically be charged a late fee of 5% of the total monthly rent.  You are welcome to drop your check through our after-hours mail slot, but it is very important that the check is delivered in a sealed envelope.  For proper posting, all checks should include your property address.


Insurance:  The owner of your property carries insurance in the event there is damage to the house itself.  This insurance does not and can not cover your personal property.  You must purchase a tenant policy to protect your belongings!   H. A. Gill & Son would be happy to provide you with the names and contact information of a couple of insurance agents from whom you may purchase a policy at relatively reasonable rates.


Utilities:  If your lease calls for you to be responsible for any utilities, you must contact the appropriate companies and be sure to put the accounts in your names.  H. A. Gill & Son or the owner of your property will have the services cut off as of your move-in date.  So unless you make the calls, you may have no power, heating, cooling or water.  Below is a list of utility company phone numbers:


Natural Gas:               Washington Gas                     703-750-1000


Electricity                    PEPCO (DC & MD)              202-833-7500

                                      Dominion Power (VA)           888-667-3000


Water                           WASA (DC)                            202-354-3600

                                      WSSC (MD)                           301-206-4001

                                      Arlington, VA                        703-228-3636


Defects List: Within two weeks following the beginning of your lease, please forward H. A. Gill & Son a list of any items or conditions in the property that you consider less than optimal.  Providing this list can protect you from charges assessed against your security deposit at the end of your occupancy.  Please note that not all condition-related defects will be repaired, i. e. floor scratches, imperfections in the paint.


Irregularities on Premises:   It is essential that any problems associated with your rental property be reported to H. A. Gill & Son immediately.  Problems associated with water leakage are the most critical.  Tenants whose unreported problems have led to excessive damage will be held responsible for associated repair costs above what the cost would have been had the problem been reported in a timely manner.


Gutters and Downspouts:  If your lease calls for you to be responsible for the cleaning of your property’s gutters and downspouts, you must do so each autumn and, if necessary, each spring in order to avoid potential water problems from overflowing gutters such as damaged interior walls and flooded basements.  We would be happy to recommend to you companies which perform this work.  Should your gutters and downspouts be found in need of cleaning, H. A. Gill & Son reserves the right to have them cleaned and to have you held responsible for the bill.  And please keep any exterior drains on your property clean and free of debris.


Storage near HVAC Systems:  In order to avoid potential house fires, under no circumstances should anything remotely flammable be stored within six feet of your boiler, furnace, or hot water heater.  


Wastelines:  Should a drain in your property become clogged, DO NOT USE DRANO!  - or any other liquid drain cleaner.  These products promote the destruction of metal pipes.  It is your responsibility to have the drain cleared if you are unable to clear it with a plunger.  H. A. Gill & Son can supply names of plumbers whom we employ for this task.


Trash Pick-Up: It is so important that you not put your trash out for pick-up until the evening before the scheduled pick-up – and that the empty cans are removed from the sidewalk/alley by the end of the day of pick-up.  The District, particularly, is notorious for fining properties for violating this law – fines that would be the tenants’ responsibility.


Current Lessees:  Without exception, all adult persons occupying any property managed by H. A. Gill & Son, Inc. must be signed tenants on the current lease or lease extension.  Substitutions are permitted only after new applicants have completed rental applications which have been subsequently approved by our firm.  After approval, an accepted applicant, along with the tenant whose place he is taking, must sign a substitution agreement that our office will provide you – and pay the appropriate substitution fee as stated in the lease.