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H. A. GILL & SON, INC.,  Realtors Established in 1888

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Dear H. A. Gill & Son Tenant:

This letter acknowledges your written notice stating your intention to vacate the property in which you reside.  In order that we may properly and promptly return your security deposit, it will be necessary that the following be accomplished:

  1. Order final readings for gas, electric, oil, telephone and cable/ISP utilities.  We will order the final water bill and, if necessary, escrow part of the security deposit pending receipt of the bill.

  2. Furnish H. A. Gill & son with a forwarding address.

  3. Return all keys to our office immediately following your move-out.  For your convenience, you may drop keys in our office mail slot during non-business hours.

  4. Remove all trash from the premises, inside and out.  Local municipal or county trash services will not pick up large volumes of trash, so be prepared to hire a private trash hauler if your trash is not picked up.

  5. The lawns must be mowed, bushes trimmed, leaves raked and grounds generally left neat and clean.

  6. The gutters and downspouts must be clean if they are your responsibility in the lease.

  7. Damage caused by you during your tenancy must be repaired.

  8. Dirt must be scrubbed from walls and woodwork - particularly dust on window sills and baseboards.

  9. The kitchen must be clean including the refrigerator, stove, exhaust fan, dishwasher, microwave, countertops, interior and exterior of all cupboards, cabinets and drawers, floor, and light fixtures.

  10. The bathroom must be scrubbed including the sink, tub, tile, tile grout, caulking, toilet, floor and light.

  11. Clean all interior and exterior light fixture shades, globes or chandeliers.

  12. Wood and tile floors must be cleaned and buffed.

  13. Furnace and air-conditioning filters must be clean, where applicable.

  14. Replace all burned-out light bulbs or tubes.

The inspection of your property will take place on  ______________ between the hours of _______________.  Thank you.