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Winter Letter


Dear H. A. Gill Lessee:


Below is a checklist of some very important tasks that need to be performed by you to prepare your property for the winter:


1)      Please remember to turn off all inside valves to faucets running outside your house.  Failure to do so may cause pipes to these faucets to freeze during the winter.  After turning off the inside valves, remember to open the valves outside to let the water in the pipe drain out.


2)      If you have not been contacted by our office about servicing your heating system, please call us immediately so that we may set up an appointment to do so.


3)      When the leaves have completely fallen, have your gutters and downspouts cleaned.


4)      Make sure all of your outside areaway drains are clear and free of debris in order to avoid flooding inside the house during moderate to heavy rainfalls.


5)      Check your smoke detectors.  Make sure that they are all operating whether battery powered or hard-wired.  This is critical to your safety.  Contact H. A. Gill & Son if any detectors are not operating correctly.


6)      NEVER, NEVER store anything remotely flammable in or near your furnace or boiler room.  Too many fires start this way.


7)      Should you leave town at any time during the cold season, NEVER turn the heat off (or below 55 degrees for that matter).  Your interior pipes could freeze, break, and ultimately cause serious damage to the house.


Thank you for your attention to these matters.  Please contact H. A. Gill with any questions.





      H. A. Gill & Son, Inc.