H. A. Gill & Son - Realtors

I've been a client of H.A. Gill for over two decades, and I unquestionably give them a full five stars.  John Gill, Jr. was the listing agent when I purchased my first home in 1991, a row house in Georgetown.  I was so impressed with him and the others in his office that I asked H.A. Gill to manage the house when I moved out of Washington a few years later. I'm an active duty Navy officer who's been deployed around the world for extended periods of time.  I've trusted John, Nell, and the other members of the H.A. Gill team to make decisions in my absence, and they've always made very good choices.  They have kept the house rented continuously for nearly 20 years - we've never had a vacancy of more than a few days, which as a landlord is quite a blessing. They've screened our tenants very well - in all that time we've never had a renter fail to pay rent, nor had an eviction.  When items in the house have failed -- which happens in older houses -- the H.A. Gill team has quickly reported the issue, forwarded a number of different repair estimates, and provided their own recommendations to resolve the issue quickly and economically.  They have also kept us in compliance with the D.C. government's complex landlord-tenant rules and regulations, as well as the municipality's financial reporting requirements. And perhaps most importantly, for two decades we've always maintained good relations with our tenants - never had any threats of legal action.  In short, I give to H.A. Gill my highest possible recommendation - a highly conscientious, ethical, and helpful company.

Jeff M. - Annapolis

I have four properties under management with HA Gill and have found them to be professional and extremely thorough in the many years they have serviced my account. They have found good tenants for me and have been helpful in any maintenance issue that has arisen. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to have a company look after their valuable asset.

Theodore H. – Bethesda

For about 6 years HA Gill  managed the rental of a MacLean Gardens  apartment  I owned in DC, and just recently they were my agents for its sale. Their performance both as rental managers and as selling agents was excellent. During the rental period they were prompt and efficient in attending to maintenance  requests from the tenant  and other  taxes and  expenses, and provided me with detailed monthly rental and expense statements as well as an annual summary needed by the IRS. Both the rental and especially the sale of the apartment  were complicated by the fact that I am living  in Sydney, Australia where the time difference is 10 hours, in addition to which everything had to be done online.  Despite these difficulties John Gill was prompt and efficient in responding to my many detailed questions and I believe provided very sound advice on pre-sale renovations and how to respond to the offers of a number of potential buyers. I strongly recommend this firm for anyone looking  for an agent whether as a rental manager, buyer or seller.

Garry P. – Sydney, Australia

To Whom It May Concern, I wanted to write a short note about the management services of H. A. Gill & Son. I have used their services to manage my house for many years now. I first used their services when based in Hong Kong from 2001-2005 and again in 2006 through the present except for one year when I was back in Washington in between postings. I am very satisfied with their level of commitment and service standards, and, as proof, I note that I am a repeat customer and client of theirs. Living abroad and managing one's property is not easy. Little things can take enormous amounts of time, and attempting to manage from abroad, I found, was extremely difficult. H. A. Gill & Son, in essence, is in the business of alleviating my rental house worries, i. e, all the payments that need to be paid such as local property taxes, utility bill pro-rations, repairs invoices, etc.; submissions to the Georgetown Fine Arts Commission when I was making renovations; dealing with my insurance company; and the day to day time-consuming maintenance. H. A. Gill & Son ably handled all of these tasks for me. I might add that the cost of repairs to my house since they took over the management of the house, given the network of contractors they employ such as electricians and plumbers and other handymen, are cheaper than what I was able to find while I was living in DC - and that in itself has been huge for me. Moreover, I find that their management fees, which are less over-all than their competitors in the area, made very good financial sense to me. I am not sure what more I can write to support and recommend H. A. Gill & Son in terms of their rental management duties. I think of them highly, and I am particularly fond of John Gill, the company president and reliable troubleshooter, and Nell Sanders, their property manager, both of whom have gone well beyond their normal duties to look after my property. They really do do a fabulous job for me every day in looking out for my property.

John H. – Zagreb, Croatia